Create and achieve goals with friends!

Join the world's first achiever's network combining the excitement of social media with smart goal-setting techniques to help you succeed. Pledgr is like a vision board with accountability. Get things done!

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How it works

  1.  Create a goal with specific details such as date, and time. Add a photo, or choose a background if you don’t have a photo of your goal. Add reminders and lock it in!

2. Once a goal is set, it goes into your Upcoming Goals. Only you can see your upcoming goals. When the goal is due, Pledgr will notify you and ask if you achieved the goal or not. 

3. Your goal then gets published for your friends to see!

Here’s the fun part:

  1. If you achieved the goal, Pledgr will add an “Achieved” label.
  2. If you did not achieve your goal, Pledgr will add an “Unachieved” label.
  3. If you did not respond to Pledgr when the goal was due, Pledgr will add a “Neglected” label. 

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