My Pledge to Stay Clean

We’ve all heard it from friends and colleagues.

“I’m going to “eat clean,” or ”I’m going to clean up my act,” or simply, “I’m cleaning out my closet once and for all!”

What do all of these statements have in common? They all represent changes people want to make to improve their lifestyles, get healthy, and get rid of both physical and mental clutter.

We’re all faced with a tsunami of advice in the form of well-meaning articles, coaching advice, and assorted online classes. All of these sources seem to offer the secret sauce for a turn-around in a life that may sometimes seem to be over-busy and a little out of control. Clean up your act, they tell us, and you’ll be so much better off.

The trick is that when any of us say we want to clean up our lives, we need to mean it. And cleaning up your life means taking accountability for one’s decisions, both big and small.

At Pledgr, we embrace the desire people have to change and improve their lives.

We’re mindful that it’s up to each one of us to begin a journey of transformation and stay on that path through to the end in order to achieve our goals and meet our promises or pledges.

If we can just keep the promises that we make first to ourselves, and then to others, we can change our lives.  And the reality is that with all of our coaches and programs, if we want to make change happen and clean up our lives, the work falls to us to get it done.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get help along the way. Allowing other people into our journey to sobriety, to a healthy weight, to a happy love-life, or even to a clean closet can make reaching our goals a lot easier. When we make a promise to a friend, we have a support system. When we fall down, our friends can help us get back up—and keep going.

Dr. David Susman is a clinical psychologist and mental health expert. He writes about why support in a group can be effective in achieving the best outcomes for individuals seeking change and improvement in one or more area of their lives.

One key reason group support can be powerful is that it reminds you that you’re not doing this alone.

In his practice, Dr. Susman often hears comments like: “You know, until I went to the group I thought I was the only person in the world with my problem. I was so surprised to find that everyone in the group had the same issues as me.”

The recognition that you’re not alone often brings about a feeling of relief. Maybe it’s the very first time in your life that you’ve realized others have similar concerns and that others are there to help and encourage you.

The best part about a support network is that they don’t have to be there in person to hold your hand. Wonderful results can be achieved online with the support of those in your social platform community.

Pledgr successfully leverages your online friends, family, and colleagues to offer support to you as you complete your goal – whatever it may be.

Whether you use it on its own or in conjunction with other types of support, Pledgr allows you to create an environment where you can make promises and then do the work needed to keep them. As others see your effort, they can cheer you on or lend a hand when you struggle to make your goals. In turn, these friends may develop their own desire to clean up their own lives in some tangible way.

And that’s why Pledgr is so effective. After all, humans are social creatures. We can offer a hand, lend an ear, or clap in support as our community members seek betterment in their lives. Other people’s stories and successes can inspire us to try for ourselves and to encourage other people we care about to try new changes too.

And once you clean out your closet, change to clean eating, or live a clean and sober life, your life opens up to additional possibilities and new goals. In other words, you can reach for bigger items on that bucket list—things like trying a new love entanglement, or asking for a raise or promotion.

Kindergarten teachers know the effectiveness of “Monkey See, Monkey Do” on the playground. When we see someone else tackle the monkey bars or the swings, we believe that we can tackle them too.

Go ahead. Tackle something. Make a pledge on Pledgr and challenge yourself to a different future. You may just inspire someone in your online community to do the same.