Its hard to break anything down into a sure-fire formula for success. You have goals, and things you want to achieve, but without clear ways of achieving those goals- everything is lost! Across the board, a clear road to meet and accomplish these goals is by getting “S.M.A.R.T..” “S.M.A.R.T” goals are a categorized and concise method for setting goals, managing accountability, and minimizing chances for failure. This goal setting methodology is the best at trackability and reflection on how to configure your best self and meet your goals for 2019.

Get Specific.

Set a clear and descriptive goal of what you want. So something like “I want to lose weight” isn’t obvious. Try something like “I want to get my BMI percentage down ten percent.” it’s exact and precise and allows you to focus on the specific goal you want to achieve. By applying a descriptive label to the purpose, you’re also giving yourself very little wiggle room on the goal! A clear description of the target helps establish the next steps and offers clear expectations moving forward.

Measure It Out

Next, make sure its measurable. If you want to be more social and make more connections say “ I want to attend two networking events this month!” You can then plan your events and see the changes take place. By creating a measurable goal, you’re giving yourself a way to track and manage your progress. If you want to lose a certain amount of weight, you can follow the progress, which also does amazing things for your mental health! When you see development and growth taking place, frequently there’s a wind of motivation that keeps you pushing on!

Achieve and Believe

Next, make sure it’s achievable, do you have the tools and resources available to make this happen? If not, what can you do to attain them? Setting this standard is one of the hardest because sometimes there are external factors that prevent this step from being easy. This is when it’s great to ensure that you’re connecting with friends and colleagues to try to make this step happen. This step ties in directly to the realistic nature of what you want to achieve, and forces you to find a creative way to find solutions to overcome obstacles!

Snap back to Reality

Saying something like “I want to lose 5 pounds a week” It’s clear and measurable, but that is not healthy or achievable. Set realistic expectations for yourself and be excited when you hit your goals, not disappointed when you don’t measure up to realistic expectations. This is a critical step for the preservation to your mental health. We get so disappointed when things don’t go the way WE think they should go, but sometimes the best we can do is making sure we’re being kind to ourselves and allowing some grace when we fall a little short. This process starts with setting a goal that pushes us out of our comfort zone but will enable us to be still healthy.


Finally, your goal must be trackable. You must ensure you’re setting yourself up to see the strides your making on your goal because when you look at the moments, you contrasted with the moments where you’re really successful you can isolate those behaviors and focus on the repetition. There are great ways to hold yourself accountable- My favorites are Bullet Journaling, Blogging here on Pledgr, or interacting with others who have similar goals. When you see the journey you’ve taken, and how far you’ve come, written out or witnessed by others fantastic feeling of achievement is encouraging. The next step? Plan your next set of goals to keep improving!