“It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.”

Picard said it best- sometimes we can try and do everything we can, and still fall a little short. It’s a sad reality for most to face when they realize they’re not superhuman and that they too can miss goals. There can be unrealistic standards associated in goal setting because we either believe progress will happen faster than it actually does or because we haven’t created the appropriate behaviors associated with what we’re achieving. No matter the goal, professional or private, I hope this article can provide some peace when a target is missed and 3 really great ways to become redirected, refocused, and determined to crush your goal in the new year.

Perfectly, Imperfect.

First and foremost, it’s okay that the goal was missed. There’s a distressing stigma surrounding the concept of perfection, and our ideas of how that adds to our self-worth. Setting goals should be a progressive and growing experience, not something that makes us doubt our self-worth. Missed goals can minimize our value, and make us feel like we’re failures. This shouldn’t be the case! Don’t become discouraged and allow the negative energy to dictate your future. Continue to work hard and see it as an opportunity. Continue to give your all and strive to be the best you can be. But recognize you have areas of opportunity to improve and re-position yourself and think of other ways to reach your goal.

Get Refocused

Getting refocused is a process that requires some patience and some time. Most frequently a goal isn’t met because you aren’t in the right frame of mind. Often taking a step back and breaking down piece by piece what needs to happen for your success is the best solution. When failure strikes, take a moment to analyze what went wrong- Did you allocate enough time? Did you have the right connections or tools? Were you realistic and holding yourself accountable to your goals? Take the time to meditate and reflect on what went wrong, then establish clear ways to combat these mistakes.

Get Connected

Networking is always a fantastic way to get back on track! Join different Facebook groups, Blog for pledgr or even attend various networking events. Blogging about your experiences and connecting with other people in your position is a great way to stay on objective and motivated to do better. Having someone or a group of friends help keep you accountable makes all the difference! When you set a time to work out or get together and meal prep, there is no option not to follow through. You need to work together to make one another successful- BUT be careful! Frequently we feel the need to compare ourselves with those that surround us. Just remember that you are doing a fantastic thing by supporting a friend and that everyone makes progress in their own time.

Get Realistic

Lastly, be realistic in what you’re expecting from yourself. Work hard to achieve your goals and push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, but don’t overburden yourself with change. Its okay to work on yourself and makes changes and shift behaviors, but don’t expect a complete shift in personality and lifestyle overnight! Build up the practices and changes you wish to see. Set smaller goals you want to see accomplished on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Sometimes just getting out of bed and taking care of yourself is an accomplishment – for others, it could be working out every day and following a strict regime. Everyone has their own journey and changes to make, so follow those small changes and be the best you can be in 2019!